Save After Removing Duplicate Vectors

Almost every drawing I load into SheetCAM has duplicate vectors. SheetCAM does a nice job of removing these. However for some drawings this is very time consuming. It would be nice if there was a way to save the drawing after SheetCAM has removed the duplicates so next time I load the same drawing I don’t have to wait for SheetCAM to remove the duplicates again. I know I can save the .tap file but often I want to resize the drawing or use a different thickness metal (plasma cutting) so I have to reload the drawing.

Don’t know about your drawing format but how about saving the toolpath in dxf format using the dxf pp.

You could then reimport it as drawing.


At the moment SheetCam can’t save teh drawign directly as a dxf but as ArchieF mentioned you can set up some ‘no offset’ cut paths on your drawing then use the dxf post processor.

In many cases it is easier to go back to the drawing and delete the overlapping lines. My normal technique for doing this is to select each line on the drawing and try deleting it. If nothing appears to happen, repeat until the line disappears. Undo to replace the line and move on to the next part of the outline. It is a bit tedious but it is very effective.