Rotate parts

Even after using sheetcam after around 7yrs nearly every day you still keep finding nice features, just stumbled on this by accident and it’s a real good one!
I usually < > keys to rotate but just found shift key and mouse wheel rotates parts better still, with angle increment set to 10deg in grid options.
Nice one, just thought it was well worth a mention.

That’s new in 7.1.3 and 7.0.3

Oh feel better now not having missed out for all that time :laughing:
Good stuff, thanks

I have to say you were pretty quick to find it considering the only mention of the new function is buried in the change log!

I usually have a read through the changelog before downloading to see what’s new, they were coming that fast over the last few days I missed that one! :laughing:
As soon as I spotted it rotating using the wheel it really caught my eye, excellent idea, that will be another timesaver!