Rotary milling, like rotarty plazma

Rotary milling is something i want to get into, is it possible to do if i buy the rotary plugin, if done a bit or research and come up with nothing.

I can’t think of any real reason why you can’t do this. I don’t currently have a rotary milling post but it wouldn’t be a major job to write one. Do you want to just mill round tube or rectangular as well?

Both, mainly for engraving at this stage or splining axles, i just was hesitant on buying it with out seeing it work first

I can send you a free 30 day license for the plugin. I’ll also look into making a post for you. I won’t be back in the office until Tuesday but I should be able to look into it then.

Thanks Les i sent you a PM

Hi Les ,
asked you some time ago :

Would you sent me a free 30 day license for the plugin,too ?:smiley:


Hi Richard,

So you did. I’ll PM you with a license.

Les I get this message :

Plugin failed to load : Plugin is unlicensed


Hmm, I’ll try sending you another.

This one works fine (has one letter more)

Thanks Les

I have attached a post for milling with a rotary 4th axis using the rotary plasma plugin. It should work with both round and rectangular tube.

In RotaryPlasma simulation mode click on the setup button then select the ‘mill’ machine type.

Works fine here !

Thanks Les


So does it mean, already solved?


Any idea concerning illegal nunchucks

Hello Les,

this is probably a good start for my 4th axis milling.

Could you send me a test license for rotary plugin so I can test if it works for my usage?

I’ve already posted a new topic about it before I saw this and I think that it would work but ofcourse: lets test it!

First post asking about it: