Replace part with updated part

Is it possible to replace a part in a job file with an updated version of the part? I created a job and sent it to the machine to be cut. The customer has requested a dimension be changed slightly, luckily before the part was actually cut. I was wondering if since i have the job already set up with the operations and lead-in locations, is it possible to replace the existing part with a updated copy of the part or is it best to start from scratch?

Yup. If you have a multi-part job make sure the correct part is selected. Now File->import drawing. When the drawing options box pops up make sure you select ‘current position’. As long as the dimensions are close the start points, tabs etc should be mapped to the new drawing.

Awesome! That’s perfect! Thanks Les!

Just a heads up, MAKE SURE that you have the proper part highlighted, or you can import a drawing of a completely wrong part. lol