remnant nesting?

Is this a future possibility or too much trouble?

Select points on a piece of scrap (remnant) on the table and import as a material size in sheetcam.
I used it a lot at my last job. would be very useful

You can do this by drawing the remnant. You can then import the drawing into a new unused part. In Oprions->job optins you can select that part and layer to make it show as the the material display .

I’m talking about actually drawing the remnant on the table kind of like scananything but selecting the points manually. drawing remnants in cad would be quite difficult ( in most of my cases anyway) I have tried that with not much luck

Have you thought about making your drawing size the same as your material size, then saving it as a template. Then you draw up your cuts on the sheet, saving the drawing each time as a template. So each time you have a project, you can draw it up and move it around the template until you can find a place it fits. Each time you cut on the sheet, you locate 0,0 in the same place.

Hope that makes some kind of sense, Steve

I somewhat do that now when I leave a sheet on the table. I cut it down to manageable sizes when I take it off though

Maybe what I’m asking isn’t doable or not enough interest in it. Thought I would ask

If you are using Mach3 there is a wizard called Copycat, jog and learn for router, I use it with a usb camera mounted on the torch body to trace parts.
It would work with a pointer in place of the torch cap as well, It is quite accurate with a camera! I would think you could trace around your remnant and do the same thing.