Reading TAP files

I was just wondering if there is a way to read the TAP file generated with Sheetcam so that I can see (pictorially) what is in the file. I know I can read it with a text editor but I would like to be able to open the file the same as I can with the .job files.

I think so, do a search for a g-code viewer, I know they exist but I can’t think of a name.

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Try Cutviewer It is free but you have to log into their site occasionally to keep it running.

Thanks for the suggestions.
I tried CutView Mill but it does not seem to recognise .tap files.
I came across Basic 3-D Viewer and this allows me to see what I was looking for.

You could have used SheetCam to import the Tap file into SheetCam.

On import select Gcode File.

Just a thought, (:wink: TP