Proma THC another problem..

Hi…using Mach3 and Sheetcam with the proma THC fitted to my RTech plasma. Before fitting the THC I was using MP100 THC Scriber (Edited) POST as I have a floating torch head - had THC turned off - worked fine.

I’m using the same POST and still have THC turned off as I wouldn’t know what codes it needs…no info came with the Proma on this.

The THC works in ‘test’ mode and I can emulate it in Mach3 using keystokes, which also works…but not when I’m cutting - the torch height doesn’t move.

Now, I don’t have a ‘plasma good’ or ‘Torch on’ signal available from my plasma machine…and the little ‘box’ on the Mach3 plasma screen next to THC doesn’t do anything…is it supposed to light? I have emulated THC in my inputs using O on my keyboard but this doesn’t seem to do anything either…although I havent assigned a port as it’s not actually connected.

Should I use a different POST or do I need to make some sort of Torch On circuit for it to work. Grateful any input - I feel sure a lot must be using this Proma THC - 'cos it’s cheap!!

Hi…was hoping for a reply to my question as I can’t use my machine until I get it figured out.

I am using a demo version of Mach3 as I don’t need more than 500 lines of code - could this be why my THC is not working when cutting even though it works in Test and simulated mode?

Be grateful if anyone could help…

cheers Gerry Moore

I just had a look on the Mach3 website and THC is disabled in demo mode. It looks like you need a license to use THC.

Thanks Les…think you’re right!!

Hi Les…OK I purchased the full Mach3 and have got my THC working…after a fashion!!

I need to play with it but I am having problems with the THC not switching off for small circles…and I have to cut a lot of 5mm and 6mm dia holes in 3mm steel.

I’m using the edited MP1000 - THC -scriber post which is great for my floating head…I looked at the code and it should turn off THC for circles of 10mm or less radius…

I have THC as ‘none’ in the post because I don’t know what codes to put in…you mention M667 and M666 as examples…can I use these with my Proma THC for the post to turn off THC??

Thanks Gerry

You need to have scripts in place to turn THC on and off. As standard Mach has no facility to turn THC on and off from G-code so you need to write or obtain suitable M code scripts to add this functionality. I’m afraid I don’t have anything that will do the job here.