processor for sh-hc30 torch hight controler

newbie needing help with a stand alone tch it is a sh-hc30 was wondering if i can make it work with sheetcam and mach3

Still looking for some help…does anyone have any experience with this type of thc

would appreciate some help with this i purchased a sheetcam licence

I read thru your manual. My take on this is the height control (Z axis) is a stand alone system.

The X,Y axis will be run by your controller. We need to know what you are using for a controller before we can help much on whether Mach3 and Sheetcam will work with your system.


i am using a usb mk3 mach3 control

Try the ‘Mach3 plasma No Z’ post. That should work if you only need X and Y.

Thanks les I will try it any ideas on how I should control the start and stop operation of it…I believe I just need a toggle down output and toggle up…sorry I am very new to this

Do you just need one signal from Mach to trigger the THC to lower and fire the torch? If so use the spindle output. In mach3 go to the spindle settings in ports and pins and make sure the spindle delays are all set to 0.