Problems combining Contour and Pocket Operations on Part


i am working on a simple 3-Axis GRBL-Mill without spindle control and got a brand new sheetcam license :sunglasses: I am very pleased with the workflow, but encountered a serious issue.
My goal is to cut out parts out of plywood with pockets that ease assembly of the produced furniture.
I design the parts with Autodesk Inventor, export the 2d-sketches as dxf and import them into Sheetcam.

In some parts i got pockets that reach out to the edge of the parts. I am somehow unable to make correct definitions on what are the outlines and which contours matter for the pocket.
My attempt was to move and copy the relevant parts of the contours to different layers and then assign the operation to the layers, but It just wont work. It rips the part apart.
Is there any option to modify the polylies in sheetcam or any trick to do this?

DXF Attached, I want to pocket out the area i marked yellow. Stock is red, the holes and cutouts work flawless.

Component7.dxf (438 KB)

I manage to work around this editing the dxf-files in inkscape, creating seperate polylines for the outlines and the pocket.

Is there any way without using an extra tool?

SheetCam needs a complete outline for a pocket. In the case of your slot you need to have a rectangle that extends out each side to allow for the cutter radius.