Problem with import drawings

I have a problem when try to import drawing in .tap format. When import finished one circle is missing. May be anyone else seen similar problem?

I had a look at that tap file and there aren’t any circles in it. There are just three rectangular shapes. It looks like the issue is in whatever program created the tap file.

Hello Les! If I open this file in the Mach3 all is OK.

F7500.000G1 X445.0 Y549.0 
G3 X445.0 Y551.0 I545.0 J550.0 
G1 X445.0 Y550.0 

Oops, my bad. I missed that G3 at the star of the file. The problem is that the g-code use absolute arc centres and the RS274NGC interpreter used by SheetCam expects incremental arc centres. I am afraid there isn’t currently any way to change this.

Thank you Les!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!