Print Layout Issues

Hi Les,

I seem to be having some issues with printing layouts. I really need to print some of my layouts at the bottom of the page. The attached screenshots shows my issue. No matter how i position the parts in the window, it will not print at the bottom of the page. If i move the parts halfway off the bottom of the window, it just gets cut off when printed. If i uncheck center vertically, i can print it starting at the top of the sheet, but that is not where i need it.

Is this a bug or is it just not set up to be printed that way? Could it be?


It also seems that sheetcam does not default to the default system printer. I have to select the printer each time i go to print.

Hey Les, just wondering if you missed this post of if there is anything that can be done to improve these printing issues. The most annoying is the default printer not being the same as the system default.

Just wondering if you have had time to take a look at this yet Les. Its not necessarily a problem, just an annoying thing so i understand its low priority.

I’m not sure if I can easily get it to align to the bottom of the page. I’ll take a look at the default printer. I think this is buried somewhere in the GUI toolkit I use.

Ok, thanks Les. Interestingly enough, NestFab has this same issue. I cannot print to the entire area of the paper, no matter how i change the settings. If i try to scale it up to fill the sheet, it cuts it off and sends it to another sheet. SheetCAM and NestFab are the only two softwares i have ever seen with this issue.

Les, i’m assuming you havent had a chance to look at this yet either. It’s still not defaulting to the system printer or printing to the bottom of the page.

Les, while i’m bugging you, let me go ahead and bring this back up too.

I’m in the process of upgrading to the latest version of the GUI toolkit I use. That may well fix the print issues. It may be a little while before this upgrade is finished. It involves quite a lot of work.