Power Outage Install Issues and Fix

Hey Forum, encountered an issue recently that I though some other people might want some help with as well. We had a power issue causing power to be cut unexpectedly on the computer that runs our plasma table and also had sheetcam. It’s a Xubuntu 14.04 Box supplied by the manufacturer of the table. The rest of the computer had no issues once power came back, but sheetcam just would not open. It’d just sit there with this bue screen mocking you and taking up 75% of the processors capacity. Cue the troubleshooting proprietary Linux software, any other IT guys in here know exactly how fun this can be. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. I had issues removing the corrupt install. The script that uses mojo setup, at least I think that’s what it was, only removed the package itself, not any of the corrupt dependencies or settings. From there I turned to terminal where apt couldn’t find the package name, tried using

dpkg -l


apt list --installed

and the package wouldn’t appear on there. So I had to start digging.

Thank you Les for being an active developer on here, I dug through and found a few comments you left, namely one saying to run the command


on terminal which will return any errors into the terminal window as opposed to having the blue screen of sadness overlay on top of whatever error may be produced. That confirmed to me the issues were with the dependancies or settings files, not the package itself. I then started digging to find where those files were stored, they weren’t in the SheetCamTNG folder so I started looking in other directories I knew could have dependencies or for any file with the name “sheet” or “sheetcam”. After coming up empty handed on that search, I went back here on the forum and continued digging through old posts when I found one where Les had recommended turning on hidden files to find a folder called “SheetCamTNG-Dev” in the home directory, which was the golden ticket out of this hell. I backed up the files in that folder onto a usb stick, and deleted the folder. I reinstalled sheetcam after this through the setup application, which is quite nice on Linux after being used to terminal for everything, and Sheetcam installed exactly how it should and launched right to the setup wizard. I quickly was able to get it setup for our post processor and toolset and was back up to full speed.

If you guys are experiencing any similar errors, namely just the blue splash logo being the only part of the program displayed, maybe the solutions I found can help you. Took me about a day of digging but this forum is the best resource to issues on Linux.

I cannot thank you enough Les for being active on here. Your willingness to help your customers is something that’s fading away in the world of software unfortunately and you are a prime example on what a developer should do, stand behind their code.

For future reference SheetCam uses two folder in your home folder:
sheetcamtng contains the application and all installed dependencies. This is created by the installer and no files in it are changed when you run SheetCam.
.SteetCamTNG-dev is a hidden folder and this contains your settings, custom posts and any temporary files. This is created by SheetCam when you first run it.

It looks like you had a corrupted settings file. This should not have caused SheetCam to crash so if you still have your backup of the settings folder it would be really useful if you could send me a copy.

Yeah, I’ll get those files off the computer and email them, is there a good email address to send them to?

That would be great. You can find my email by clicking on the contact link to the right of this post.