Post Processor

Hi, I just bought a router with DSP Controller. What post processor should I use? Thank you.

think you are going to have to provide a little more information as to which DSP controller you have …

it’s like me asking you what tyres I should use on my car? (round fat ones is probably not going to help me)

My DSP controller is RichAuto, model no. AutoNow A11C. This controller can only input GCode, but unable to find GCode in SheetCam.
Can I use Mach3 Post Processor instead ? Please advise, thank you

This post should work. To install this post, save the attachment to any convenient folder on your computer then run SheetCam and go to Options->machine->post processor. Click on the ‘Import post’ button. Using the box that appears, navigate to your post and open it. Go back to Options->machine->post processor and make sure your post is selected.
Richauto.scpost (3.01 KB)

Thank you very much, Les. Have downloaded and will try later.

Hi Les, I have imported the PP and note that the Post Processor Richauto is meant for Plasma. Does it work for Router (for milling) as our machine is a router not plasma. Thank you

That post won’t work for routing. Try the ‘minimum g-code’ post instead.

Noted and thank you