Post processor trumpf

Hello all , just joined in here. Just purchased sheetcam tng. I currently own a trumpf trumatic l2530 laser. When I purchased it it did not come with software or program.
I can import my dxf files into sheetcam and then into the laser controll.
This laser has technology tables for cutting power,gas pressure, Peirce time/power,ect. The code in the counsel that are left from previous user has a laser on code looks similar to this example. TC_LASER_ON(1,SS004N40,0,100).
This laser has its own height controll
I have some info from the manuals also.
And I could possibly download all the tech tables off of the controll.
The post processor from sheetcam I’m not sure it will work for me…all though I have not idea how to tell
I’m not very good with cad/cam as I’m still learning every day. Is there a way to make this work correctly for me?
Thanks for any input