Post processor - pierce height before touch off

Hi Les,

I tried to work out what code in the post processor was doing this but couldn’t figure it out.

I’m getting a command to put the Z at pierce height immediately after the torch has done a rapid at Safe Z to the pierce position. After that it then does the touch off stuff.

The problem is on line N0120 (I’ve commented it out).

Post processor, sample job file, and generated gcode file attached.

NOTE - although the the post processor name says “modified”, that’s only for my settings (switch offset, etc). The original MP1000-THC post processor still gives the same problem.


MP1000-THC - BEEFY MODIFIED.scpost (4.5 KB)
RECTANGLE.job (4.43 KB)
RECTANGLE.tap (1.04 KB)

This move is generated by SheetCam. Internally SheetCam does not know anything about referencing so as far as it is concerned this move is to start the pierce. Add this as the first line in function OnRapid():

   if endZ == pierceHeight and endZ < currentZ then return end

this ignores the rapid move to pierce height.

Thanks very much Les, that did the trick.