post processing failed

New to running Sheetcam Mill/ Router. Programming an engraving operation using the contour method. Material is 1/4" thick aluminum.

Program settings are as follows…

Contour method: no offset
Layer: 1
Tool: T1 engraving tool
Start depth: 0 in
Cut depth: .03 in
Depth per pass: .03 in
Finish allowance: 0 in
Feed rate: 3.937 ipm
Plunge rate: 3.937 ipm
Ramp angle: 0 degrees

Error message reads: Post processing failed. You need to define the diameter.

Is this referring to tool diameter? I currently have the tip diameter set at .25.

i think you need to set counour method to outside
select the tool .25

oh p.s.
made a new folder on the desktop to store the

You are using the wrong post processor. Go to Options->machine->post processor and coose a post to suit your machine. The post you currently have selected is a specialist one for pipe cutting. It is asking for the diameter of the pipe.

Easy fix. Thank you!