Post procesor SX1530 plasma cutter

I am new to this CNC stuff. I am in the process of purchasing a CNC plasma.
CNC Plasma SX1530 Cutting Machine from salecnc.It will have a Start Shaphon controller model SH-2012-AH-QG with THC.Can anyone help me with the right post processor as their are a lot to choose from

As usual with these Chinese controllers there is very little documentation available on the net. Do you have any sample code that runs on the machine?

I dont have any code. I have the user manual in PDF form.It explanes the G cod in thear but I am still very confused. I wont have the machine for 5 weeks

Can you send me a copy of the manual, or a link to it.

I can send a copy.there is no link.I am new to this where do I send it

I think i have fixed it
Here is a copy of the code . I will have to wait to the machine arives to see if it works

N0000(Filename: A John.tap)
N0010(Post processor: A John.scpost)
N0020(Date: 3/11/2012)
N0030G21 (Units: Metric)
N0050 G90
N0060 G17
N0070 (Part: Drawing1)
N0080 (Operation: Outside Offset, 0, T1: 3mm outside Plasma, 1.5 mm kerf)
N0090 G00
N0100 X119.2500 Y110.0000
N0110 M07
N0120 M07 P0.5
N0130 G01 X129.2500 F2000
N0140 G03 I-19.2500 J0.0000 F2000.0
N0150 M08
N0160 G00
N0170 X167.8211 Y52.1789
N0180 M07
N0190 M07 P0.5
N0200 G01 X160.7500 Y59.2500 F2000
N0210 X160.0000
N0220 X60.0000
N0230 G02 X59.2500 Y60.0000 I0.0000 J0.7500 F2000.0
N0240 G01 Y130.0000 F2000
N0250 G02 X90.0000 Y160.7500 I30.7500 J-0.0000 F2000.0
N0260 G01 X130.0000 F2000
N0270 G02 X160.7500 Y130.0000 I0.0000 J-30.7500 F2000.0
N0280 G01 Y60.0000 F2000
N0290 Y59.2500
N0300 M08
N0310 G00
N0320 X0.0000 Y0.0000
N0330 M80

Hello, I am new to this blog thing, I have a couple of errors on my CNC Computer. It is showing me these errors W<W, W<- , +<W . Do you have an idea what do they mean and how I can fix it. If you do not know, can you tell me where I can find someone who can help me with this please? Thanks a lot