post procesor prolems

i upgraded my computer to win 10, now all i get when i try to post process a job is:

An unexpected error has occurred:
Unable to open output file A:\2175.cnc
This error occurred on line 1197 in file …\Camlib\postmacro.cpp)
Post processing failed

please help.

Do you have an A drive? If so, is there a disk in it? Try saving to your C drive instead.

yeah i had a disk in the a drive. not sure what its problem was, changed its file name and it worked fine. now, for some reason i have to run the post processor twice to get it to save it to the a drive fully. only started happening after i upgraded to win10, and ideas?

I wonder if it’s a permission problem. I’ve read that windows 10 has lots of that kind of stuff going on. You might try logging in to windows 10 as an administrator and see if that helps. You also might try running SheetCam as an administrator.


Win10 isn’t normally that up tight about permissions. Do you have any problems saving other files to the A drive? SheetCam doesn’t do anything clever when it saves so it shouldn’t have trouble. As a last resort you could post to your C drive then copy the file to your A drive.

ok, i works fine if i save the .cnc file to my desktop, and then transfer it to my a drive.