post proccesor

Does anyone know of a post proccesor that will work with an Esab Vision 1000 controler


SheetCam TNG comes with an Esab Vision post processor. Look in Options->machine->post processor.

thanks for the reply but i am using Sheetcam version 6.2.0 registered.
Do you know if I can copy that post?


Ah. That is a bit tricky as TNG posts won’t run on SheetCam standard. When did you get your license? You may be eligible for a free upgrade.

I believe I purchased the license 11/23/2008

Ideal. If you give me your name as it appears on your current license (see help->about), I’ll get the upgrade sent off to you.

Wow awsome!
David Zaharie

Thankyou very much

if you need any other proof of purchase let me know.

Thanks again

Hi Less,
I was wondering if you had a chance to send that upgrade.

Sorry, it completely slipped my mind. You should get your license in the next few minutes.

hello again and thanks again
I setup TNG but could not find a post prossesor for the ESAB vision 1000
Am I missing something?

Dave Z

You should have an Esab vision post. If not, here is a copy.