Hi all new to sheet cam but having some problems with it not sure why but it wants to start out in the middle of no mans land for some reason?
Any help is greatly apprectited i have a Messer Metal Master II table with the pilot control. I will post my code. :open_mouth:
BRACKET.job (4.77 KB)
BRACKET.txt (475 Bytes)

What post processor are you using? That code looks a little funky.

Just a generic G-code one. Thats all i basicly need with my messer plasma table. I just need the g-code with a tourch up and down. I would like to get a feed set-up though.

Do you have some example code that runs correctly on your machine? Could you tell me exactly what post you are using. What puzzles me is that it is using G90 which specifies absolute code but the code itself is incremental.