Post for Tormach 1300PL?

Hi all-

I’ve been using Sheetcam with Mach3 on a homemade plasma cutter for several years and Sheetcam has become the go-to tool and a lot of folks know it. We recently got rid of the homemade machine for a Tormach 1300PL and I noticed there’s no post processor for it. I was thinking to try writing my own, as I already had to do that for our homemade machine, but I have a couple of questions:

  1. What would be the best existing post processor to start with? The Tormach uses PathPilot which is a fork of LinuxCNC and I thought I’d start there, unless there’s a better one to use.
  2. Does a post processor for this machine already exist? I’d think there’d already be one so I was kinda surprised when I looked in the list and nothing for Tormach was there.

Thanks for any info; if I do end up having to write my own, I’ll post it in the user-contributed section so hopefully it’ll be useful to others with the same machine.


Recent versions of SheetCam come with a suitable post. I have attached a copy.
PathPilot plasma.scpost (4.45 KB)

Oh, awesome, thank you Les! I checked my copy and I didn’t find it in the list (7.0.20), but I have it now and will report back how it goes!

Thanks again!