post does not start in V6.1.5.3

I would like to cut two simple letters “HP” see attached file. (with the drag knife plugin)
In V6.1.5.3 the post does not start. It seems to be something wrong with the “P”
The same file opend in V6.025 works fine. The file can be generated without problems.
Maybe someone can tell me what´s goìng wrong ?
HP_Linie.dxf (62.5 KB)

Could you post a copy of the job file (file->save job) with the cuts set up.

The job can not be saved in V6.1.5.3. Sheetcam hangs up completely.
The original File is from inkscape 0922, see the file attached.
Open this in sheetcam V6.1.5.3 and see what happens.
This morning I opend the svg file in V6.0.25 without any problems.

now I think that the V6.1.5.3 has a problem with svg files.
I created a new one, see attached to this mail.
V6.1.5.3 can not handle the file correctly. V 6.025 has no problems .

and now V6153 has problems with dxf files. It reports errors, but the file is clean.
With V6.025 the file is handeld correct.
adap_marcus.dxf (606 KB)

At what point are you having problems? I loaded all of those drawings and they look correct.
Could you give me a support file. Go to Help->create a support file and click on the ‘create file’. Email the file to me or post it here on the forum.

you have a pm with the support file

This is really odd. Using 6.1.53 with your license, settings and job file it worked correctly, generating the tool paths in under a second. I have no idea why you are gettings those errors. Al I can think of is that you had a failed update and some files were not installed correctly. It is pretty rare for that to happen though. Uninstall SheetCam and reinstall it. You won’t lose your settings.

Hello Les,
well, I uninstalled V6.1.5.3 as you told me.
Now this version is running ! :slight_smile:)
My virus program blocked the download. There is no reputation info for the download file. I had to agree to download it.
(for your information)

Many thanks

What anti virus are you using? The download is digitally signed so it should not be blocked.

I use the norton antivirus (Telekom edition)

see the result attached

Dateiname: SheetCam TNG Development setup V6.1.53.exe
Vollständiger Pfad: C:\Users\herta\Downloads\SheetCam TNG Development setup V6.1.53.exe

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20.03.2018 um 17:44:34

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sheetcam tng development setup v6.1.53.exe

after first download the virus scanner moved the file to quarantine

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