Post Custom Options in Report

Hey Les, are the post custom option variables available to be called in the reports? If not, could that be added for the next update? And when is that planned to come out?

What’s the chance this could make it in the next update Les?

Sorry, I missed this one. I’ll look into it but it probably won’t be in the next update.

Thanks Les, it sure would be awesome if you could find a way to squeeze it in!

I just checked and they are already there. Check in the debug log to see the value names.

I just ran it all again and looked through the log, the custom post options and post variables are not showing up in the debug log on my end.

i attached the log and the section of the post with the custom variables.
log and post.txt (10.8 KB)

Sorry, I thought you were referring to tool/operation custom options. Thsi will be in the next release. The names will have a post. prefix, for example @post.customer@

Awesome! Thanks Les! When’s that planned to come out, just curious.

Hopefully sometime this week.

Hey Les, I’m back on the reports again… is there a way to take a variable defined in OnInit() in the post and use it in the report. I would love to put the post processed file name in the report also, but i don’t see where it is available to the report.

Also in the reports, would it be in any way possible to exclude one particular tool from being ran and listed in the report. I have a tool for etching and i do not want it to appear in the report as it doesnt contain any useful report information.

Reports and the post aren’t really linked. I guess I could make the post file name available but what happens if you haven’t yet run the post or you have loaded a different job since the post was run? I see the potential go end up with the wrong file name being shown.

There isn’t any way to exclude a specific tool and I don’t think I am likely to add that functionality.

Yeah, i’ve come to notice that. I dont know how others here sequence their workflow, but i get the job set up, run the post, and then run the report. Thats even the default order of the icons in the toolbar. I dont see the point of ever running the report before the post for a job that is going to be sent to a machine. I do however run the report sometimes and never run the post when quoting jobs. But in that situation it doesnt matter if the post information is correct in the report or not since i am not actually running it. All i care about in that situation is the tool, machine, and job variables… primarily cut time and job size. Post variables are of no interest then.
I do however see your point if you need to reprint a report of a job and open the job without running the post. Again, not a problem for me because 9 times out of 10 i save a PDF copy of the report with the postprocessed file.

Okay, didnt think it would be, just had to ask to satisfy that pesky curiosity of mine.

I guess I could make the post file name available…

I’m back at this one too… think you could throw this in the next release? just post.fileNameOnly?

I know we talked about the risks of incorrect information getting printed above, but if anyone is going to be adding this variable to their report, they will most likely be reading this thread and understand that the posts and reports are not linked and the possibility of incorrect information being printed exists.

Hey Les, are the post variables only available to the job report in the header? I need to print a post variable in the machine section of the report, but it keeps saying ERROR. I cant see where i have the syntax or anything else incorrect.

Tool parameters are only available in the tools section. If you turn on the debug log (Help->debug log) then run a report you will see all of the sections and their variables in the log.

Not quite what I asked there Les, but it did answer my question in a round about way. So would there be any way to get a variable from the post options dialog to display in the report in the machine or parts sections? I’ll be blunt, that’s kind of a pain in the butt that cant be easily done right now haha.