Post Custom Boolean Option

Hey Les, when defining a post custom option and setting it to a boolean, the popup box shows either 0 or 1, could it be customized or made to show True/Flase or Yes/No?

It should show a check like the custom tool options. I noticed this a while ago.

I’ll look into it. Making it display true/false means some changes to the way custom values are handled, which may turn into a bit of a rabbit hole.

The tool and operation custom settings with boolean values show as check boxes, only the custom post option doesn’t if you set it as boolean.

Yeah, a check box even would be fine too.

I noticed that the boolean options in the custom post still show as 0 or 1 and not a checkbox in the latest versions. Guessing this slipped through the cracks.

I’ll add it back into the to-do list

Sorry for the delay. I’m now pushing for an update but I can’t replicate this one. Booleans show as check boxes in V7.0.19 and V7.1.22.
As a test I added this code to a post:

post.DefineCustomToolParam("PlasmaTool", "test", "test", sc.unitBOOLEAN, 0,0,1)

Plasma tools get an extra parameter called ‘test’ that is a check box.

It’s not the tool parameters, it’s the post options. The popup that appears from the button in the post selection window.

Perhaps I should have actually read the whole thread rather than just the last few posts :blush: I’ll take a look at it.

Was this ever fixed?