point properties popup window

Hey Les,

I think the point properties popup was a great idea, but needs a little refinement. Perhaps an option in the settings to turn it off if undesired.

My trouble with it right now is that sheetcam seems to be getting confused very quickly when trying to reorder the start points. I am trying to manually change the start point locations and sequence, but every time I hover over one it changes something else on another start point. It’s like its not recognizing which one i’m trying to change. And if i right click and bring up the full properties window, the popup seems to override it and change it back. Good idea, just needs some refinement.

Or maybe it will just take some getting used to and get out of the habit of right click>properties

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into it. If this works out I plan to remove the right-click properties option.

I ran some tests and I think you are just getting confused by the way it works. It only updates the display when you move to a new start point.
Say you are on start point 1 and change it to 10. Start point 1 will only change to 10 when you move the mouse onto a different start point. Changing the number of a start point often has an effect on other start point numbers, which adds to the confusion.

I need to experiment further with this popup. You wouldn’t believe how much time I’ve put into this, trying to make it as inutitive as possible. I’ve tried then scrapped a lot of code on this one…

Yeah, i think you’re right, i just didnt understand how it works. It was a little confusing at first, but now i’m getting the hang of it. I think it was a great idea and can save a lot of time. It just threw me off until i figured out what it was doing. I’m sure it is very difficult to make this one intuitive and efficient, but a great idea none the less

Hey Les, I think there may need to be the ability to disable this properties window until it is refined some more. I am experiencing issues with nests with large numbers of start points that are close together. The automatic update of this feature jumps around all over the place. It’s fine if i’m zoomed way into the sheet, but goes crazy when zoomed out. I cant get my cursor back to the window before it changes to another start point that i am not trying to edit.

I may have to revert to a previous version to get this job arranged correctly, mostly because we are in a pinch to get this one cut out ASAP.

I’ll PM you a job file for this one instead of attaching it to this forum.

I’ll second the option to turn it off. I got along fine with the right click option!
Thanks, Steve

I cant get my cursor back to the window before it changes to another start point that i am not trying to edit.

It won’t change start point if you are moving the mouse. However if you stop the mouse over the popup, after a short delay it shows the last start point the mouse crossed over. This is a bug and will be fixed shortly.

I’ll bring back the ‘properties’ dialog for a bit but I hope to remove it again. I’ll also make the popup optional for now.

Thanks for the sample job you sent me. I’ll fix the optimisation warning popping up when it shouldn’t.

Your sample highlights an interesting path ordering bug. Auto optimisation was missing some start point sequence numbers. For instance start point 50 does not exist. You have start point 49 and start point 51, but not 50. The job has 69 start points but the last start point number is 71. This was confusing the start point properties and causing it to show the warning you were seeing.
I have fixed the code so start points are now always in numerical order.

The new update changes the start point properties window yet again. By default it behaves pretty much as it used to. However if you click on the pin in the top right hand corner it will automatically pop up as needed. It also handles the mouse better in pinned mode.

I noticed that two of the start points were missing, but i just assumed i was overlooking them as i was in a big hurry that day. I tend to miss details like that.

I know you hope to remove the properties window altogether one day, but IMHO that is something i would like to see stay optional. I will likely always use the pinned window, but its nice to have the option to go back to the old window.

I know you hope to remove the properties window altogether one day

The popup and the properties dialog were separate containers for basically the same data. Now it just uses the one popup. It will hopefully stay as it is.

Have you had any problems with using it in pinned mode?

Oh okay, I understand now.

No, so far I have not had any issues, it seems to be good now. Today is my first day using it though.