Plugin >> Plasma Tool

I noticed under Plugins there was a Plasma Tool lurking

How would one go about adding to it by way of the other material thicknesses etc?

(it needs a dropdown for the thickness and maybe a list for metric and imperial from the cut charts)



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never mind… answered my own question… (look before type!)

Did you successfully add some entries to this plugin? I’d sure like to know how if you did.

I’ve been through it many ways trying to create custom settings for my cutter and the program insists on changing various fields to inappropriate values from the csv data files I’ve created.

just follow the path shown in my screenshot and edit the CSV files

I did that and when i create and open up a new csv file it gets data from somewhere else and plugs it into the window. If I edit it in the window and create a tool, the tool is populated according to my edit. but upon closing it in the plugin and then opening the plugin again, the data from somewhere else is plugged back in even though the csv is unchanged. I guess I’ll just create a tool library as I use and debug them.