Plugin Mach 4

I downloaded scananything and have purchased the necessary camera but when I read the instructions from the sheetcam website I wasn’t able to add the plugin. It seems Sheetcam only has a plugin for Mach 3 and I wasn’t able to complete the process it only indicates Mach 3 isn’t available. Is there a way around this or a plugin for Mach 4 available?

Thank you,

Currently Scanything won’t work with Mach4. There is an update in the pipeline but it is probably a couple of months away.

Thank you Less! If there is one in the pipeline i will see what happens in a few months:)
One other question. What would you suggest for a post processor for Mach4 with a Proma THC150. I see the option for THC150(edited) is this the option I should use?

Thanks again.