Plasma postprocessor + macro ??

Hello how are you. After a long time working with artcam I decided to give sheetcam a chance and it has been very nice for me so I decided to migrate to this platform.
Is there a COMPLETE tutorial on which postprocessor is the right one to work with floating head + macro + mach3 ???
Everything I find is broken and wrong.
I have already managed to get the head to turn the torch on and off in each cut, but I am missing the part of sensing the sheet metal before carrying out that action.
Best regards.
PD: y si me lo explican en español mejor !!! :laughing:

The mach3 post should work. You will have to edit the variable at the top to set your switch offset for the floating head.

The correct post for this application is the ‘Mach3 THC with scriber’ post. After selecting the post click on the ‘Edit post’ button. At the start of the file are a number of configuration options. You can ignore the scriber options.

Thanks for your quick response. Currently it is the postprocessor that I am using but it does not sense the sheet metal before starting a new cut, therefore I have a single zero z in the whole part which ends in a cutting disaster.
Also after completely reviewing the post processor and the accompanying documentation I don’t see where to define the offset “at the top” (or at the end).
I only see an “on pen down” variable that could be the one you are pointing to but it does not affect the performance of the postprocessor.
I must insist: any tutorial about it?

Look right at the top of the file. Each option includes some notes on how to use it.

I think it is called switchoffset.

I’m pretty sure it’s not, I was checking the following:
mach3 post.
mach3 plasma post.
And in none do I see a SwitchOffset variable or similar.
I don’t see any information about that variable or function in the documentation either.
I could paste the code but it seems too much.
Maybe it’s another post processor???
In attach I leave an image of the two postprocessors that I check.

PD; I already have a macro that senses the sheet for me, what I don’t understand is how to call the macro from the postprocessor and tell it to do the sensing at the beginning of each cut.

The correct post for this application is the ‘Mach3 THC with scriber’ post. ‘Mach3’ is a milling post. ‘Mach3 plasma’ is a basic plasma post with no touch-off.
Take a look at function Reference() in ‘Mach3 THC with scriber’. That is where the reference code is generated. If you want to use your own macro, this is where you would add code to call it.