plasma pierce ramp angle, SOLVED

New user here. Great product. There is a lot going on in SC ! Lot’s of options and customizable to the hilt! Well done! The author’s style for brevity in the documentation is just right, I can find most of what I’m looking for in the first pass, but a second or third read usually gets me answer, and the good news is that its not a long read :slight_smile:
Here’s one I didn’t find… In jet operation with plasma tool, ramp lead-in piercing, the ramp angle appears to vary depending on the pierce height and leadin length. And the variance is different for Tangent vs. Arc leadin styles, steeper for arcs. The variance in the ramp angle between these styles is that ramping on arc leadin seems to ‘land’ on the cut height 2 to 3mm further from the shape start than does the tangent leadin ramp. Is there a setting or post code to get the leadin ramp ‘landing’ onto the shape start point in both cases ? Again, tangent styles seem close enough, but arcs are as much as 3mm early to ‘land’.


I forgot to mention that I’m using the GRBL plasma.scpost where OnPenDown() is modified for my CNC and torch mount/carriage. It’s attached on this post.
GRBL plasma LDC.scpost (3.88 KB)

solved here: