Plasma Cutting and Engraving on same part - University Capstone Project


I am with a student engineering group and we are doing preliminary research on how we can make a CNC machine that will both cope tube ends with a plasma cutter and then mark out bend lines. Our current idea is to use a Hypertherm Powermax 45 to do the cutting, and then to replace the cutting consumables mid-cut with a diamond tipped engraver (the “easyscriber” in the following link:

We are currently still learning lots, so I apologize if this is a completely newbie question, but is this a procedure that SheetCam can help us program? The procedure we are envisioning would be:

    1. Plasma cut the first tube end
  1. pause, replace cutting head consumables with engraver (by hand)
  2. Mark out bend lines with engraver
  3. Pause, replace engraver with cutting head consumables (by hand)
  4. Plasma cut second tube end

I could imagine this procedure being done with multiple tool-paths, but I am hoping to have it in one program. We are hoping to make this machine as simple as possible to use/program so that students in future years can learn how to use the machine without requiring and extensive knowledge in writing G-code or anything like that. Thanks so much in advance!

There are a couple of ways you could do this without much trouble.

One way would be to use a Hypertherm 45XP, which has a marking function built-in.

Another way would be to use a scribe mounted offset from the torch (the offset location is set in the post). Then it’s just a matter of changing operations in Sheetcam.


Or you could use the easyscriber and put in two operations and put the scriber in manually.
I have mine setup like WyoGreen explained.