Plasma cutter pauses at + symbol just before end of cut

I’m new to sheetcam and have what I hope is a simple problem. Whether I am cutting something as simple as a line or a complex drawing, there is green “+” or cross-hair in the torch path where the plasma cutter pauses, then continues. The pause lasts maybe a half second. The green “+” is always just about 3/4" prior to the end of the cut on every cut.

When I mouse over it, there’s nothing that tells me what it is and I cannot select or delete it.

So my question is, What is it?, Why is it pausing?, How do I delete it or at least remove the pause it is causing?

For whatever reason I have a file that does not have those green “+” in the path and it works fine. I’ve compared the files and cannot see what is causing it in one file, but not the other.


I’m suspecting that 3/4" before the end of the cut you have a code snippet or a path rule kicking in, which is causing a brief pause in code execution when cutting. Take a look at your cutting operation in Sheetcam and see if you have something other than None in one of those two list boxes. Maybe something like DTHC OFF.


I am having a similar issue. Cutting always pauses for a slight second before finishing cut. Does it on every piece. I have been trying to solve this for a while and still have not found an answer. Anyone know how to fix this?


Are you seeing the little cross where it pauses? If so you have a cutting rule that is causing the pause. For instance in Mach3 turning the THC on or off can cause a slight pause so if you have a rule that turns off THC before the end of the cut you can get these symptoms.

Hey John,

I was just doing a quick search to address this issue on my machine too, as I recently had to reinstall sheetcam and was wondering why this was popping up. I haven’t checked my rules since, and have an ECO anti dive enabled. Once I disabled this the plus signs in sheetcam go away and the cut is smooth.

I’ve attached a picture of the rule for reference. Hope this fix works for you!


It is better to start a new thread rarher than resurrecting one that is over 6 months old. Anyway, ar you using Mach3? Mach does have a tendancy to hesitate when turning tHC on and off.