Pirated Sheetcam license

I recently purchased a used plasma table and the laptop that came with it had a pirated license for Sheetcam. I uninstalled it, downloaded SheetCam TNG V6.0.30, and after installing, the pirated license still shows up on the help screen. (SFHUGQDH) I scanned the hard drive with my virus checker but nothing showed up.

My question is, if I purchase a license will it overwrite the pirate license? There is a lot of other software that I don’t need on the laptop so I could just reinstall Windows, but before doing that I thought I would ask.
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


search for a file on the computer that has .camlic as the extension, then delete that file. I think that will get rid of it, not sure, but I am sure Les will be able to tell you.

If you purchase a new license it will overwrite the pirated one. Alternatively run SheetCam and go to Help->open settings folder then delete the license file from there.