Pierce Time not accounted for in Reports

Hey Les,

It looks like the pierce time for plasma and flame tools in the tool table is not accounted for in the report total job time. Or the status bar at the bottom of the window for that matter. Can this be fixed? Because I just royally messed up a quote on a large job… by about 6 hours…

I know the popup window for the job reports also asks pierce time and i’m not really sure why. I have three different operations with three VERY different pierce times (plasma on 2" plate vs oxyfuel on 2" plate) and this cannot be accounted for in the one single pierce time of the job report popup.

Reports only use the pierce time in the job report popup. This is mainly because plasmas often use a touch-off cycle when they pierce. It allows you to use the total time for touch-off plus pierce.

Would it make more sense then to use the pierce time from the tool and then change the report popup to say touch-off time or additional pierce time or something of the sort and add the two together? The way it is right now, there is no possible way for me to get an accurate time estimate because the operations have vastly different pierce times.