Pierce delay issue

Having issue with piercing. No matter what I set my pierce delay at it doesn’t start the cut until after it starts moving and leaves just a small nib. I’ve set it at .5, 1 and 3 seconds. Same thing each time. For me to cut the nib I have to use overcut. I’ve tried different files with the same results. I came from using a Langmuir pro with hypertherm 65xp to this Langmuir XR using a razorweld cut45. Is there something I’m overlooking? I’m probably eventually going to use the hypertherm 65 but for now it has the razorweld. Thanks for any input.

Does your gcode have a pause coded in?

I don’t think so. It does this on all the files I’ve made. Since I’ve changed over to this cut45. I’m beginning to think it’s the cutter. Possibly going to put my hypertherm cutter on and see. Reason I haven’t yet is I wanted to see how this cut45 does. Only way I can make it a complete cut is using a .5” overcut.

Which post processor are you using? Can you post a sample of your gcode showing a pierce?

I’ll try to tomorrow when I’m at my shop.

It was suggested from someone else on the Langmuir forum to adjust the pierce height because of it being aluminum which dissipates heat faster. I did that and increased the pierce delay and I’m getting a clean start now. Just wish it had more height to keep aluminum blowing back on the nozzle. So my setup now until I hook up the hypertherm 65 for .125 aluminum is .08 pierce height and .8 delay.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.