Path rules for different diameters

Hi. Hypertherm use a interesting algorithm for cutting.
So depending on sheet metal thickness the cutting speeds are different for different diametres:
up to 6 mm 40% of normal speed
6 to 18 mm 60% of normal speed
18 to 36 mm 80% of normal speed
more than 36 mm - normal speed

Can be there a small modification in path rules for above conditions?

You can do that already. Use one ‘small circles’ path rule for each diameter. If multiple rules apply to a circle the one with the lowest feed rate will be the one that is used.

Do the 6, 18, 36mm numbers refer to hole diameter, or metal thickness? If it’s metal thickness, it seems a hole rule for each range would work (0-6 mm hole rule, 6-18mm hole rule, 18-36mm hole rule, 36mm+ hole rule).

If your numbers refer to hole diameter, and Les says the lowest feed rate applicable to the feature is used, then you could have a single “hole rule”, with multiple rule sets inside for each diameter.