Origin change after original drawing has been imported

Hi Chaps
I have been working on a piece and now decided I need to reference it from the bottom centre of the part instead of the bottom left, I know how to do this on original import where there is a dialog, but i have set up all my cuts and don’t want to have to start again.

I cannot see a way to position my work bottom centre after importing there must be a way to re position using the centre?
Please help!


Two ways I have used: One is to just import drawing again while having the operations already defined. It will apply those operations to the imported drawing as long as the layer names are the same. The import options dialog will show up there to position the drawing.

Otherwise, I have went into Nesting. From there, I can select the part and drag it to the location needed.

I don’t know that bottom, centre is an option, but I normally go back to CAD and move my part there and select Drawing origin when importing into SheetCam.


If you haven’t changed any layers simply import the drawing again. It will overwrite your current drawing but keep al of your operations.