Operations feedrate verses tool feedrate

Lets say the feedrate in the tool is set for 100-ipm and when you set up an operation its 75-ipm, does one take priority over another.

I read another post where they were saying slow the feedrate on the operation of a hole, so was wondering if operation over rides the tool setup


Whatever you choose when you define the operation is what will be used. The default in the operation window will be what you put in in the tool definition table, but like I said, you can over ride that in the operation window.

Something that should not be so. It is no coincidence that it is possible to define a tool with operating parameters for it. Why not extract the information from its parameters, but allow for duplication?

That’s exactly what SheetCam does. If you pick a tool in your operation it will use the tool’s parameters. You can then change them to suit that particular operation if you want to.

We use version 6.0.28 and the operation remembers the last set cutting speed feed rate and does not import the speed of the selected tool.
The tool set is saved in the SheetCAM folder.

Thanks, thats what I needed to know

Being new to plasma art work, is there a time that an operation for one cut would be faster/slower in different cut. If so, wouldn’t it make sense the tool populates the speed in operation and you can change if you needed in operation to over ride the tool setting. Would be a nice feature :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again

In my opinion, a good option is to have created tools for all the thicknesses and consumables you work with. This way, with just a few clicks of the mouse, you will create the file you need and start doing your job, and you won’t have another chance to make a mistake!

Thanks, and so true putting the mouse to work, :stuck_out_tongue: I read Les’s reply above for a second time, makes sense now

thanks all