Open paths were not offset

open paths were not offset

See attached picture

i am trying to plasma cut out a circle that has some slots around it.

i want to outside offset the circle, when it comes around to the slots it jumps over to the other side and cutting the wrong side.

I even tried to the check, off set open paths check box, then it switches to the inside of the circle.

how do i fix this?

You have a gap or overlap in your outline, so the outline does not form a closed loop. Turn on View->show path ends. Turn off View->show segment ends if it is on.

Now you should see some white dots on the outline. These mark the gaps or overlaps. If you zoom in close on the dots you should hopefully see the issue.

oh i see, thats it, brilliant! thank you fine sir

its amazing how the drawing looks so perfect, and then you keep zooming in and zoom in for ever and then finally find two lines