Open contour start points

Hey Les, I have now ran into a situation where it matters which end of an open contour the start point is placed, like I never thought I would. Not sure if this is a bug or a result of my discussion about that earlier, but checking the reverse cut direction box does not change the start point to the other end of the line as it used to. I’ll send the job file in a PM, cant publicly upload this one. TBH, I kind of hope its a bug, otherwise that’s pretty embarrassing on my part.

I still think it would be really nice, particularly and especially for etching lines to have the lines start at which ever end is closest to the end of the previous cut instead of all going the same direction. Maybe a selection box could be added for this preference? or maybe its too difficult to implement in the current structure of the program.

I can manually move the start points to the other side, so that works for now. That turns this into more of a how is it supposed to operate post than a potential bug post.

Manually moving the start point is the recommended method.
Reverse cut direction should only apply to closed contours. It’s the equivalent of the operation’s ‘Reverse cut direction’ selection but it only applies to the one start point.

Okay, that makes sense. I thought you had mentioned once that they could all be reversed by checking that box, my memory isn’t the best sometimes.

With that considered, would it not make more sense to have it default to the shortest travel path like this:

instead of this: