Only some layers showing up in sheet cam

Hi folks,
newbie here to plasma cutting and sheetcam. I can import a dxf file into sheetcam which has 3 layers. cut, 18 or a number which represents dia of hole to cut and scribe. in this instance it is just a plate with 4 of 18mm dia holes and the plate identification (p1017) which i would like scribe onto the plate. If i view the file in my drawing programme which is turbocad 2020 deluxe, I can see the layers. the plate and holes are shown in sheet cam and the layers for the plate and holes are shown in the layer box. I can not see the identification number, nor is it in the layers box. The scribe layer is [3] GREEN in my drawing programme. Any assistance on this would be appreciated. the dxf file is from structural detailing package produced from tekla.

The current stable version of SheetCam ignores text. Try the development version. It will read text. Note that dev and stable install independently of each other. You can install your license on dev as well as stable as long as they are both on the same computer.

Thanks Les, I will have another play with it today.