One license code is valid for all versions of sheetcam?

Good afternoon gentlemen, I am a new user of sheetCam, I have bought a plasma cutter and the seller included version 6.0.30 in the purchase. My CNC is generic and has programming done by the vendor, so the vendor recommended that I not change the software version. So my question is… if I buy the new license, is it compatible with version 6.0.30 that I have installed on my PC? Or should I install the latest version of SheetCam?

The license will work with all versions of SheetCam. Installing the latest version will keep all of your settings. I guess the supplier specified that you stick with 6.0.30 just so they know exactly what you have if they ever need to provide support. In that case it’s probably worth sticking with that version at least until you are used to using the machine.

OK understood. Another question is if at any time I want to change my PC and install SeetCam on the new computer, is it possible to use the same license?

The best way to move your license is to go to Help->Move license to another computer. If the computer fails completely and you are unable to access it you can re-use your license from the email but you need to let me know so I can make a note on my system that it has been moved.