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Hi Les, I have a new problem since I down loaded an upgrade to 3.0.17, I’ve been getting a warnings when I post jobs ( CUT START IS ABOVE RAPID CLEARANCE PLANE ) ?
Any thoughts Thanks Ray

Hi Ray,

Go to Options->job options and set the rapid clearance height to a value greater than the cut height. That should fix it.


I have a CNC laser, which I am using for both welding and cutting polymer films.
The warning “cut start is above rapid clearance plane” is unfortunately appearing many times in my program.
I am looking for a way to avoid the many warnings, as they make the code difficult for me to read and work with.

Currently I have following heights:
Cut height (when cutting) = 1 mm
Cut height (when welding) = 100 mm
Rapid clearance height = 5 mm

Initially I had the Rapid clearance at 105 mm.
But this generate a lot of moving up and down on the Z-axis, when I was in a cutting operation.
So I changed the rapid clearance to what it should be = 5 mm.
But now I have tons of warnings on all my welding operations.
Can I do anything else than changing the rapid clearance height back to > 100 mm, in order to eliminate this problem?

BR. Martin

If I remember correctly the development version no longer has this warning. You may want to try that version instead. For testing purposes you can have both on your computer at the same time.

This idea is probably a moot point now that the development version no longer has the warning, but here is my thoughts on the subject anyway. :sunglasses:
Perhaps the rapid clearance height should not be a job option, but rather a tool option in the tool table, which is then used by the post processor to set the rapid clearance height. i.e. cut height + rapid clearance height. Such as cut height of 100 mm + clearance height of 5 mm = 105 rapid clearance height, or cut height of 1 mm + clearance height of 4 mm = 5 mm rapid clearance height. (Just in case Les gets bored sometime and needs something to do :unamused: )

Just one of those brilliant ideas that pops in my head every so often, Steve :unamused:

I would like the leads to be in the tools as well so when you change the tool to one for a given material the leads change accordingly. Maybe it’s only plasma where the leads correspond to the material thickness, otherwise it would seem to make sense.

I think the idea of having leads in the tool def has some merit. I won’t be adding it in the near future. I’m aiming to get dev ready to become the new stable and that is too much of a change at this point. Remind me when the new stable is out and I’ll take a look.

I’ll try to remember. Thanks Les.

Les - when are you planning on the new stable being out?

I’m guessing probably late June.