Next tool call up number

Whenever I run the post processor (in this case, Fanuc(edited) and Rotary Mach 3(edited)), SC post defaults the next tool call up to T102.

It would be nice if SC would read ahead to the next tool number and replaced the T102 with the actual number of the next tool. I changed it to T0 instead for my purposes. I am pretty sure its a post processor edit, but I could not figure it out.

The post variable nextTool contains the number of the next tool. It is -1 if there are no more tools needed.

Les, is this a post variable I need to add to the job options variable box? I added nextTool with none selected in the next box and I tried -1 and 0 in the third box. Nothing changed with the post. Or maybe I misunderstood and you meant actually editing the post processor?


No, this is a variable within the post processor. I have attached a modified version of the post that should work.

Sorry to keep bothering you on this Les, but I installed the modified post for calling up the next tool you uploaded and when I went to post a known good job, I got an error saying something about nil and an error on a line number, which was the same line you added for next tool (it was underlined in red). I played with the values a little but got nowhere with it. I have been editing my own post and it has worked out great, but I am not up to speed on the program language yet.
No big deal, I just reloaded my back up copy of my original post. If you get some time to look at it again, that would be great. Thanks!

Oh, I forgot. This will only work with the development version of SheetCam.

Ok, no problem. Thanks for the response.