Newbie needing help

Hi all,
I’m a complete newbie and I’m stuck, Hoping that someone can help me.
I have a Baileigh PT22 and a Hypertherm Powermax Xp45. I’m using Sheetcam as the supplier software (Ucannest) is utterly incomprehensible to a beginner.
I have run up a text file and managed to get the table to move properly but I cant get the Plasma to fire. Basically I don’t understand how to do this and would appreciate someone giving some assistance please. I get Gcode as I have 3d printers but the slicers for those already have everything built in.
With Sheetcam I have the Hypertherm stuff inputted, I just don’t know how to work anything to make it all run up a file that will fire the plasma and move the CNC. Basic newbie screwup!

I’m happy to PM or vid chat or whatever as I really need to get this going asap. My project is waaaay behind because I’m not getting this. PLEASE HELP!!! IM in the UK so I can travel if it helps someone to give me a hands on tutorial. Basically I will take more things right now!

Many thanks in advance peeps

First of all, do you have any sample g-code files that work on the machine? For example the machine may have been supplied with some examples. Is this a new machine? If so, Baileigh should be able to supply a known good example file. This way you can at least confirm if the machine itself is working correctly.

I believe you need the ‘Baileigh Weihong NK105’ post processor to run that machine. In SheetCam go to Options->machine->post processor. Near the middle of the window is a dropdown that lets you select which post processor to use. Make sure you set it to ‘Baileigh Weihong NK105’. In the same window you may have to change the output file extenstion from ‘tap’ to ‘txt’.