New Parts

I’ve installed sheet cam on my new PC and it seems to act a little different. When I try and bring in a “new Part” it doesn’t give me a window to look for a drawing file.

Instead it only makes a new part Icon in the parts window. Then I have to go to import drawing to get it.

I’ve been away for a short while but something just isn’t right about this…

Always seem like I use to go to “new part” and grab the drawing from there.

Windows 7 and the new stable version of sheet cam…

Thanks for the input… AJ

At some point it asked if you wanted to import a drawing and you answered No and ticked the ‘don’t ask me again’ box.

Go to Options->application options->annoying dialogs and turn off the check box next to ‘Import drawing into new part’. Next time you select ‘new part’ it will ask if you want to import a drawing.