new guy with lots of questions

Ok first off I have never used anything like a plasma table before or anything such as sheetcam or Mach3. I purchased a small 2x2 table a couple years back from precision plasma, it came with all the stepper motors, wiring, a geckodrive G540(all set up in his own box with the fan, relays, estop) basically everything I need to build a table. After a lot of work I finally got it running and cutting. One thing I have always had an issue with is getting the multiple cuts to be right. Basically if I have to do more than one cut on an item I have to stop the machine and lower the z axis in order to continue with the cut. I have been doing a lot of searching and reading to figure out what I need to get it to work properly. Is there some type of switch I’m missing on the z axis that allows it to come down and then make the next move? I run the MP1000 post processor, I have a Hypertherm 45 plasma that is connected to the Geckdrive that fires the torch when it comes down. Anyone able to help me. Remember I’m as green as they come. This is just a hobby for me as I have a fulltime and part time jobs.

Good morning, tell us a little more about your machine. I am assuming you are using a CandCNC controller, but what model? The more information you can give us, the better.

Thanks, Steve

I am using a Geckodrive g540 controller[/img]


Has this one died a death or are you still looking for help?

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If you’re after the help, besides the Hypertherm, and the G540, what other gear do you have?

Do you have torch height control? (hence the CandCNC question by Steve)

Have you got a photo of your Z-Axis.

Basically you have a few options, as your machine is 2’ x 2’ so no very large (hence you may not need torch height control).

To automate the whole process you need some means to reference the z axis automatically, or you can zero the machine at the start of the cut, and hope that there is not much change in the material you are cutting + elevation change / squareness issues in the 2’ x 2’ bed of your machine.

When you start the cut, how do you bring the torch down to the recommended pierce height?

Do you zero it by eye (been there done that… 4’x4’ non-level table and big cuts … you don’t do it for long before going for THC)

Or do you use a probe / homing routine?