New at plasma cutting and got some simple questions

I have plasma cutting table with mach3 and sheetcam (bought from Anders in sweden a very nice guy)
I am trying to setup this with a thc301d.
I have got it to work but my problem is …
What is the most common way to do job ?
for example:
Will i just let the thc do the piercing?
Will i set the piercing in sheetcam or pierce delay in mach3 or both?
Will sheetcam control the thc delay?
Is it possible to make own snippet for piercing and let the thc take over when i want?
I just need to know how people work so will i manage this
Best regards

I have also read somewere that i have use a certainpin for floatinghead otherwise sheetcam will not work ??

I use the 301d this way with mach 3

I use the thc300 post in sheetcam and set my peirce heights, delays, cut height there. But you will need a floating head that just has to be set as your z axis home, any pin will do. In the thc 300 post you will need to set your switch offset height. Also you will need to use the mach3 screenset and setting that came with the 301d.

So The thc 300 post creates the touch off initial height sense move in the gcode. So when the move starts, the gcode will do the initial height sense, pull up to peirce height then triggers the torch. Then if the thc is on mach3 will wait for the arc good signal from the thc 301d. Then it will drop to cut height and start cutting. After 1/2 to1 sec the thc will start controlling the z axis.