nesting parts

Firstly my appologies, as this may have been covered before. I have been given a drawing (dxf) in this case three items ramdomly spaced on the drawing. What I need to do is to move the individual drawings individually around to nest them on a sheet. I know how to copy and duplicate, but that’s not it. I think that I may have done this a long time ago, but now can’t remember. Any help on this matter would be woulderfull, thankyou.

You can break apart the drawing. See this thread.

Thankyou for that reply, however that didn’t work for me. I imported a drawing with three pieces on it and when I press the right mouse button I get a large columb with “set parts order” at the top. I can’t seem to get the ‘breakup’ anywhere. I must be doimng something wrong but as yet don’t know what it is. More help required here please!!!

Try clicking on the part in the box on the left side of the screen. I’ve never broken up a drawing, as I draw my parts separately in CAD, but I’m sure it should work.

Edit:. Which mode are you in? Do you have the arrow or the cross arrow selected in the toolbar? You may need to be in nesting mode for this to work. Or you might not be able to get it to work in nesting mode. Not sure. Something to try.

Thankyou very much for that. After some fiddling I understood what you meant. I have been trying to get this and things like this done for quite some time. This is a very handy tool, only problem I feel is the faulty operator unit pressing the buttons and the old timers disease that afflicts him :laughing: