Nested comment found, Block=N0020

Hello All

Very new to this great hobby and slowly putting pieces together. I am asking for insight to this issue and thank you in advance for any suggestion.

I currently design in Inkscape and then save as an “Inscape SVG” which is brought into Sheet Cam. After going through the process -I Run the simulation in sheetcam and then post process it, and save.

Upon opening the file in Mach 3, I notice no display image and the following error stops the program at the beginning. Nested comment found.

Currently running a Price CNC as a post processor.

Thank you

I would suggest using one of the mach3 posts to generate the gcode. They are already set up to work with most systems. But if for some reason you cannot, can you attach or post the g-code here? We dont use Mach3 where i work, but maybe i or someone else can help debug it.


It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with .tap files, but if I remember right, the N0020 refers to the line number the error was on.


Thank you all for the advice, the error was able to be eliminated by editing the double parenthesis in gcode.

I appreciate the help, Dave.