need Esab Sabre 2000 post

I have a old Esab Sabre 2000 Table with vision 1000 controller. Can anyone edit post to work with my machine. My Table has Plasma, Plate Marker, and Oxy Fuel heads on it. When I use the Esab vision 1000 post it will work ok but I have to edit to change on off for plate marker. Also, I need it to input a tool Offset on and off code when changing between heads. Below is what I need the post to be edited to do. Hopefully someone can help me out

Plasma = no offset
Plasma on = M65
Plasma off = M66

Plate Marker offset on = M47
Plate Marker offset off = M48
Plate Marker on = M74
Plate Marker on = M75

Oxy Fuel offset on = M49
Oxy Fuel offset off = M50
Oxy Fuel on = M70
Oxy Fuel on = M71